Tips to Design Landing Page for your Company

Landing pages are useful marketing tools that can help any company. Whether you want to expand your list or to sell additional goods, your landing pages are an excellent way of encouraging new customers, educating people about your products, and making sales.

Contrary to a homepage of a website, which generally provides a summary of a product, lander pages help you build customer loyalty and maximize your profits by concentrating on a particular short term objective. You can make a clear and direct action call for individuals by setting up landing pages for exclusive campaigns, groups, events, or promotions and make it easy for them to purchase or subscribe to your list.

Simple and structured design

There are three important factors that have a huge impact on the conversion rate and efficacy of your landing page: How tidy, structured, and beautiful your landing page seems like how easy you feel about interacting with How user-friendly the overall structure of the landing page is. It should also include all the elements which contribute to the conversion target.

Screen Friendly Landing Page

Now that the entire world is at the height of the mobile phone hysteria, your landing page needs to be compatible with mobile and tablet computers. Research evidence shows that approximately 72% of the web activity is mobile, and the mobile-optimized website can double the conversions.

The best way to do this is to follow the first mobile strategy during the creation of the landing page. This will help your design concept to improve the page’s responsiveness.

Add Forms

When it comes to websites, the standards of a client are always higher. Keep your form short. As a user, if you visit your website, you will always look forward to gathering as much information as you can. But when the landing page is on the picture, it is a completely different story.

The design of a landing page functions in a totally different way: The fewer shapes, the better they perform. It is, therefore, extremely important for you to make sure that the people who visit a landing page complete the least number of forms. The more fields you need to fill in, the lower the chances of conversion.

Headlines should be attractive

Whenever a visitor visits a site, the only purpose he or she has is to find the answer to: “How can I benefit?”This is the main reason why web advertisers choose to highlight” product headlines “on a landing page. A good destination page should always show a strong bid. It should also be able to send a clear and concise message: “How much this offer is worthwhile and how it is good to visitors.”

Provide interesting images

Images also boost your customer service. The use of images to highlight an offer in some respects outperforms the use of appealing and motivational terms. This is because the visual thinking capacity of a person often helps him or her to perceive and understand better than he or she does when he or she reads a document.

Tips: It’s always better to hire a photographer who knows the visual techniques to help you get the images you want on your landing page.

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