How to add live Chat in WordPress Website

Adding a functional chat to your website allows you to make contact with your users easier. Moreover, you can answer their questions and solve their problems in real-time.

In this article, we’ll explain how to add live chat on WordPress easily, and we’ll focus on the free version of WP Live Chat support, but there’s also a premium version. The free version of the plugin is more than powerful for small and medium sites, and in our opinion, the upgrade may not be worth it until you reach the point where you need more than one agent.

LiveChat has a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add it to your site in minutes.

Go ahead and install and activate the LiveChat plugin.

After activation, go to LiveChat and then Settings from the left sidebar.

You need to log in to your LiveChat account on the Settings page by clicking on the “Link to LiveChat” button.

Then WordPress will ask for permission from the administrative area to access your LiveChat account.

Create a free LiveChat account

In the next step, you need to enter the URL of your website and also what you intend to use in WordPress live chat.

Then you must provide information about your company.

And that’s all!

Configure the general settings

Let’s discuss the latter before we start playing with the first one.

You use the LiveChat interface to manage most aspects of the functional chat in WordPress.

The tool gives you a pretty detailed hello wizard that will guide you through the most important aspects of the interface.

We encourage you to go through the configuration wizard because it will show you many important functions.

Optimize your message settings

When done, click the Chat tab directly under General Settings. This section contains various customization settings – some of them are only available to premium users, but the basic settings are still appropriate.

First of all, you can specify the location of the chat window. In most cases, we recommend sticking to the default location (bottom right), because others may be a bit uncomfortable, but the course may vary. You can also automatically enable the window extension option, which should be avoided for convenience:

The plugin can also be configured to display avatars and usernames if they are logged in, which can be useful if you need to take further action. You can also disable live chat for non-signed users. However, we advise you not to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Finally, you can set up live chat to display timestamps in messages, which helps you keep your records. Then, you can access previous conversations on the History tab and know exactly what time of day they were:

In addition to these settings, WP Live Chat support also allows you to receive messages offline. The process is as simple as it seems – if you are not online, when the client requests, you will be notified as soon as you return to the dashboard.

Congratulations, you have added live chat on your WordPress website!

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