5 Industries To Be Dramatically Impacted By 5G Technology

Small changes pull big changes. It all started from the need to communicate with other people by phone more often than once a week and here we are: our messages and calls can get a recipient at the moment the button “Send” is pressed.

Development history of the mobile network is interesting and challenging, as just 30 years ago 1G network gave us an opportunity to make calls and now we are aware of a new generation of the network: 5G.

What will be the consequences of new technology and how crucial this will be for society and business? We found 5 industries that are going to be dramatically impacted by 5G technology.

What 5G Technology Is?

5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network. The main difference between the previous technology and the new one is data transfer. The first-generation offered a speed of 2 kbps, and 5G technology provides a speed of 1 Gb, and sometimes it reaches 20 Gb.

Until 2020, 5 billion smart devices will be used.  5G technology will help to cope with the speed of data loading.

The fifth-generation is designed to reduce data loading time, and significantly speed up the work of almost all the electronics in the world. This will reduce power consumption.

It would be good to mention more about the new 5G frequencies. Today, LTE networks have frequencies below 3.5 GHz, and 5G standards imply the use of higher frequency. The advantage is it will get rid of scraping,but will be a necessity to increase the power of the transmitters, so the stations will be placed closer to each other. Regarding the ability to use 5G on old smartphones, then this is unlikely. To use all the capabilities of next-generation networks, you will need to purchase a smartphone that supports them.

What 5G Implementing Does Mean for Society and Business?

The implementation of 5G technology worldwide will entail extraordinary economic development. The annual investment in 5G is estimated at $200 billion. With the help of the newest technology, it will be possible to significantly automate and improve workflow.

Thanks to Tesla, electric cars broke into the modern market and people began to massively switch from fuel cars to electronic smart cars. Also, more developments related to autonomous vehicles appeared, so the question about the speed of data transmission arose – the 3G and 4G networks do not have enough speed. The development of 5G industry will entail large changes in autonomous devices since the signal delay at high speeds of cars will be eliminated.

Also, the fifth generation will allow real-time monitoring of agricultural equipment and planted crops, unifying of infrastructure and creating of entire cities, improving communication networks, including transport networks. In medicine, 5G technology will allow doctors to perform remote operations using automated systems.

How Entrepreneurs Should Transform Their Business?

New technologies always change an approach to business. To remain relevant, it is worthwhile right now to start the implementation of AI and other promising technologies. As AI becomes a part of our daily life, the expectations of customers change. It is also worth taking into account 5G technology dangers and enhancement of security.

Regardless of whether the hacker aims to steal company confidential data or infect a malware that requires ransom, any organization, large or small, can be a target for an attack. The emergence of an innovative network increases the risk of cyber attacks. Our advice: you should be prepared for changes.

Bottom Line

5G technology meaning is not only an increase in the speed of the mobile Internet from 1 Gb/sec to 20 Gb/sec. The implementation of a new technology standard will transform various spheres of modern life. The emergence of 5G entails an increase in global spending, but at the same time optimizes energy consumption and time spent on downloading data. Such changes will soon come into our lives, change business and develop society.

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